The Best 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Creatives, Online Business Owners and Ecommerce Businesses

As a new Woo commerce ecommerce business owner I was overwhelmed on how I would convert sales and make this dream work. I would spend hours creating new tshirts, or artwork and watch and wait for the virtual cash register to notify me I had sales. I was like a teenager waiting on the phone to ring for a hot date. Needless to say, I’m still waiting. I did ads, researched marketing techniques, do hours and hours of keyword research, watch untold numbers of You Tube videos, and sit through webinars and paid classes. Heck, I even bought my fair share of courses thinking if I just implement this course content that would be it, my online conversions would skyrocket. As I write, I am starting to see sales on my channels, Ebay, Etsy and Amazon. Its growing and I’m always pleasantly surprised when the notifications go off. I am down right giddy.  But they are nowhere on par with the claims from the classes and videos I spent hours intently watching. Customers weren’t beating a path to buy my wares like all the classes said they would.  The epiphany for me was that this is the long game. It’s not going to happen for most people over night, no matter how many courses you take or how many thousands you invest in learning. The one thing I was able to glean from one of the videos I watched was how to make money as an affiliate for ecommerce business owners. Noni, from Printful’s marketing team blew me away with her Top 5 Ecommerce Affiliate Programs 2020. Her video made me think about the wait a little differently. I knew if I was going to be successful with this, I would need to see some small wins early on. I needed to be able to see some ROI. I would need to have some income coming in until customers found me and started to fall in love with what I was doing. I knew I would need to offset the investments for a website, the ads I was running, the patterns I was buying or the designers I was paying to design images and tshirts.

I was using the talent on Fiverr, using Canva Pro to try my hand at designing these tshirts that were slow selling, I was buying patterns on Placeit, and paying a listing fee on Etsy. I was putting the designs on Printful and when friends would ask how I was doing this I would share the Printful business model.  This epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks. I was already checking out the competition, to see what they were doing on Etsy, seeing what was working for them, even ordering stuff I loved. I was doing hours of research on their keywords. I was liking their work, even if it was a niche I didn’t play in. Good is good and I took time to like, and save the items that spoke to me. I was already doing 70% of the actions needed to be making an affiliate sale, just by admiring their work.

After watching the video from Noni, I was hell-bent on applying to all of these affiliate sites and start monetizing the actions I was already doing. So I did. Then it hit me after talking to another Etsy seller who was a lifelong friend, most creatives or sellers with ecommerce sites have no clue about this stuff. My friend, lets call her Ginny, she was extremely skeptical. She asked 30 seconds into the conversation, is this a pyramid scheme? Why would they pay you money? In rapid fire succession the questions came and I could tell that not only was she not interested but because I had broached the subject that I had loss some credibility in her eyes. I had only asked her if she was an Etsy affiliate because she had to this point become my defacto Etsy mentor. So I knew I needed to educate my fellow sellers, and ecommerce business owners about this totally legit way of making money with your networks that you use daily to run your online business. I had to get the word out about affiliate marketing.

So without further ado.

The Best Affiliate Programs for Ecommerce Businesses

  1. Fiverr
  2. Printful
  3. Canva Pro
  4. Placeit
  5. Etsy
  1. Fiver is the largest marketplace for online freelancers. You can find an expert in marketing, a designer to a tech guru all at your fingertips. As a new online and ecommerce business owner I had to rely on the expertise of freelancers on Fiverr to design freebies, video editing, design tshirts, marketing copy and even my media kit. I don’t know where I would be without the deliverables by the talented experts from Fiverr. I certainly couldn’t afford these services from high-priced boutique designers, not even sure where I would have found people to do most of the stuff but Fiverr delivered.

The benefits of a Fiverr Affiliate program:

  1. Maximum earnings- as a Fiverr affiliate, you get paid for every first-time buyer with absolutely no referral limit and a lifetime attribution.
  2. Professional Support. As a Fiverr affiliate you get access to professional support, tutorials and a dedicated affiliate manager.
  3. You get the Fiverr intuitive dashboards
  4. Creative resources…literally hundreds of thousands of creatives from marketing experts to designers.
  5. You get to choose your commission plan
  1. Printful Affiliate program allows you to help other entrepreneursto launch their online businesses with Printful and you make a commission.

The benefits of a Printful Pro Affiliate program

  1. 10% commission for every order made by customers you referred
  2. Marketing materials, resources and affiliate marketing tips
  3. Easy to get started
  4. Recurring payment, earn 10% commission for 9 months
  5. Fast payouts
  6. Payment through Paypal
  7. Tracking and reporting tools to keep track of your efforts
  1. Canva Pro is the hands down the favorite of creatives to make social media graphics, create slide shows, multimedia posters,graphics, greeting cards, printables, videos, and simple webpages. And when you refer others you make money.

The benefits of a Canva Pro Affiliate program:

  1. $25 for every product purchased by the referral
  2. Ability to track results
  3. Referral income, if referral purchases the Pro Plan
  4. Timely payments
  5. Over 18 million users
  6. Available in 100 plus languages so not locked into just US market for referrals.
  7. Perfect for design influencers, design educators, and if you have a large audience.
  1. Placeitbrands itself as the marriage between design and technology and marketing tools. Placeit is one of the simplest Affiliate programs to sign up for. You just go to create an account, answer some questions, provide some info, and you are given a Unique Affiliate ID.

The benefits of a Placeit Affiliate program:

  1. Placefit pays $35 per monthly subscriber referred
  2. $90 per annual subscriber referred
  3. 50% of one time transaction
  4. Winning referrals from parent actions last 400 days and allows clicks from referrals within 60 days.
  5. Payment from Paypal or bank transfers
  6. Commissions paid once monthly
  1. Etsy Affiliate program is all about community, Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. Members of the community enjoy access to exclusive Etsy content, competitions, trend reports and so much more.

The benefits of anEtsy Affiliate program:

  1. You can post links to your favorite finds on your website or blog, via the easy to use Etsy platform. Every sale means money for the referrer.
  2. Commissions are earned on each qualifying sale
  3. Cookies last 30 days
  4. Etsy Supports affiliates in English, French and German languages
  5. Etsy Affiliates have access to marketing material, such as banners, tracking links, Currated pages to inspire affiliates, the Etsy blog, and the Search on Etsy to find new items


In conclusion, as a creative, and small business owner launching a new site for tshirts, hoodies and miscellaneous products, I realized that monetizing and actually converting sells is easier said than done. It’s the long game. So as I read and watched videos it became quickly apparent I would need other streams of income to weather the uncertainty, the slow periods and learning curve of launching a business selling in my ecommerce channel and learning the ropes. Being an affiliate marketer is a great way to supplement as you are waiting on the new trickle of orders to come in, and as an added bonus, most of the sources I listed above have residual income, which means you will not only make money on the first sale you refer, but successive sales that referral makes. Sure it may take a bit of effort, but it’s doable, and you will be helping the creative, business/marketing and technical communities, which includes designers, web professionals, marketers, crafters, homemade good producers and small business owners like yourself. I personally couldn’t think of a better way to help my contemporaries and pay it forward all while creating an income for myself. I hope you found this post of value, as a small business owner, a fellow Etsy seller, we need the creatives, techies and business savvy marketers. I have realized that we are all interconnected and our collective success is intertwined.

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